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If you want to get started as a crypto investor and you want to take matters into your own hands, it is important that you are able to programmatically connect to a digital currency exchange such as Coinbase Pro. This is the first step to start data analysis and automation and advance towards algorithmic trading. Fortunately, it is very easy to connect to a crypto exchange. In this article you will learn how to do exactly that. …

A step by step guide to one dimensional convolutional neural networks

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Many articles focus on two dimensional convolutional neural networks. They are particularly used for image recognition problems. 1D CNNs are covered to some extend, e.g. for natural language processing (NLP). Few articles provide an explanatory walkthrough on how to construct a 1D CNN though for other machine learning problems that you might be facing. This article tries to bridge this gap.

When to Apply a 1D CNN?

A CNN works well for identifying simple patterns within your data which will then be used to form more complex patterns within higher layers. …

Amazon’s AWS Simple Email Service (SES) is a game-changer for email marketing

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Are you using Mailchimp for your email marketing activities? Maybe you are annoyed by the hefty price tag that Mailchimp charges? If you are, why not completely removed Mailchimp from your email marketing equation?

We recently replaced Mailchimp with AWS SES. With Amazon’s SES service, we reduced our monthly marketing budget by a factor of 100.

Yes, that is right, sending newsletters is now 100 times cheaper with AWS than Mailchimp! This is a game-changer for your email marketing budget.

Our Story

My wife runs a small freelance business and until recently she relied completely on Mailchimp to send out a regular…

A step by step guide on how to authenticate users in MongoDB Realm

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Whether you are migrating from Realm to MongoDB Realm or starting fresh with MongoDB Realm, you might wonder: What is the easiest way to authenticate users? While MongoDB Realm offers a built-in authentication mechanism, I personally prefer to use Google’s Firebase authentication method. It is pretty simple to integrate Firebase with MongoDB Realm for authentication if you know how. And this is exactly what you will learn in this article.

Unfortunately, the integration with Firebase is insufficiently covered by the standard documentation from the MongoDB team. But don’t worry - after reading this article, you should be able to apply…

Check out these libraries when you start your iOS programming journey

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Speed and agility are paramount for any developer. Ready-made libraries are a great way to boost your productivity and let you focus on value-adding tasks instead. Nevertheless, I do not recommend overloading your iOS app with too many libraries. Instead, stick to a few proven libraries.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into my favourite iOS 14 compatible libraries that made my life as a part-time iOS developer a lot easier and added significant value to the end product.


Complexity to set up: medium

In case you need to visualise any kind of statistical or historical data within your app…

The team at beastworkout.ai has analyzed the strength training habits of 12,000 active users from mid-March to August 2020 and the result of our analysis is quite different from what we expected.

Prior running the analysis on our user community data, we expected that bodyweight based exercises would dominate the top 20 in 2020. In many countries, gyms are closed or are only opening with tight restrictions. Therefore it is only logical if athletes would concentrate on exercises which require a minimum set of equipment such as a kettlebell or dumbbells.

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Our analysis shows that this is not the case…

I lace up my sneakers, fully motivated for another productive gym workout and think to myself: This should be a great one. What could possibly go wrong? I am doing everything right, at least that is what I thought. I routinely switch up my exercises, I am conscious about my nutrition and I take enough rest between workouts. I have also started to meticulously record every training session in a fitness app.

As it turns out, things can still go wrong! My training was not going into the direction I wanted it to go. Looking at the statistics, I soon…

All you need to know for your next AI or Machine Learning elevator pitch

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The transformative nature of Artificial Intelligence in business and our society is evident. Like the internet and the smartphone, AI is an enabler technology that will have a far-reaching impact on all areas of our life.

In order to better understand the underlying concepts, I would like to share a picture with you that I typically use when explaining the broader context of machine learning / deep learning and how it relates to Artificial Intelligence.

You will find many great articles here on medium or elsewhere which give a very good introduction to AI (I have linked some at the…

A step by step guide how to load Keras models into your iOS project

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My previous article covered the creation of a Core ML file from Keras using Apple’s coremltools in Python for a multi-dimensional deep neural network (DNN). If you are curious on how to quickly test this model within a Swift playground without creating a full iOS app, then please continue reading. This article will cover the following steps:

  • Load the Core ML model file into Xcode
  • Retrieve the generated Core ML stub sources and compiled Core ML model
  • Create an Xcode playground and import the Core ML stub sources and compiled Core ML model
  • Write a few lines of Swift code…

A step by step guide how to load Keras models into your iOS project

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Keras and Apple’s Core ML are a very powerful toolset if you want to quickly deploy a neural network on any iOS device. Most other tutorials focus on the popular MNIST data set for image recognition. We will go beyond this widely covered machine learning example. Instead, you will learn how to process time-sliced, multi-dimensional sensor data.

To be more specific, we will train a deep neural network (DNN) to recognize the type of movement (Walking, Running, Jogging, etc.) based on a given set of accelerometer data from a mobile device carried around a person’s waist. …


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